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Dr. Clint Willson

A Message from Interim Dean Clint Willson

Welcome to the College of the Coast & Environment (CC&E)!

We have a bold mission: to help prepare communities on Louisiana's coast and around the world for environmental changes through innovative research and interdisciplinary education.

As you visit our website, imagine the opportunities you will find at CC&E to make a lasting impact on the world around you. We invite you to join our journey as we make discoveries, explore solutions, and act to sustain the coast and environment for generations to come.

Geaux Tigers,


Clint Willson

Interim Dean, LSU College of the Coast & Environment



Your Future Awaits

From our location near the mouth of the Mississippi River, the College of the Coast & Environment has a front-row seat to coastal and environmental changes impacting our state, nation, and the world. We see firsthand the effects of stressors such as coastal land loss, pollution, and severe weather. CC&E’s coastal and environmental research advances knowledge about these stressors--and much more--helping to deepen understanding of the ever-changing natural world and its relationship with our lives, livelihoods, and recreation. This research provides sound science so that stakeholders can make informed decisions. Every day, our students work alongside world-renowned multidisciplinary experts, acquiring the skills and abilities necessary to tackle complex coastal environmental challenges.

CCE News

Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences PhD student Benjamin Limer has been named a 2023 Fulbright Scholar.

Chris D'Elia, professor in the Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences and dean emeritus of the College of the Coast & Environment, has been honored by the Phi Beta Kappa Chapter at his undergraduate institution.

Dr. Clint Willson, the College of the Coast & Environment's new Interim Dean, discusses his background and how he sees CC&E.

CC&E At Work

A scientist stands in a marsh with a pole, taking a measurement

CC&E student research can begin as early as freshman year.

Photo credit: Austin Lynn

A man wearing an orange parka sits on a boat with a ship in the background

CC&E faculty conduct research on all 7 continents.

Photo credit: Kanchan Maiti

 Two girls smile at the camera with a fish back drop
A classroom of students looks at a projector screen
A scientist holds a tube of water in front of three middle schoolers

CC&E collaborates with local schools on STEM initiatives.